The Independent Distributors of Electronics Association (IDEA)

About IDEA

Responsible Procurement Solutions™ to Secure the Supply Chain

Procuring quality product is of vital importance to the electronic components supply chain. The Independent Distributors of Electronics Association (IDEA) is here to help.

IDEA is a global trade association comprised of organizations dedicated to quality initiatives that provide Responsible Procurement Solutions™ to the supply chain. IDEA employs a comprehensive approach that focuses on programs and best practices that establish and increase quality standards, provide industry with a conduit to improve the access to and sharing of relevant knowledge, and advance industry ethics and integrity.

The foundation of these solutions resides within the sustained leadership in the implementation of quality standards, certifications, best practices, and counterfeit detection methods as well as the cooperation and education of all stakeholders responsible for procurement and inspection practices and policies. IDEA seeks to fulfill this mission through the development and dissemination of relevant standards, training, and certification programs.

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Our Members

When you deal with an IDEA Member, you deal with integrity. Meet the industry leaders who comprise our membership and provide Responsible Procurement Solutions™ that enhance counterfeit mitigation efforts.

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Board of Trustees

Meet the elected members who help lead the organization in the fulfillment of its mission.

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Are you an independent distributor focused on quality initiatives and ready to take your commitment to continuous improvement to the next level? Join IDEA and its group of innovative industry leaders today.

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Learn more from members and other organizations about IDEA, its mission, and how it works to provide Responsible Procurement Solutions™ to the supply chain.

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