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Professional Inspector Certification


Ensure that your organization’s first line of defense is equipped with the specialized knowledge and tools needed to detect substandard and suspect counterfeit indicators during the inspection.

The IDEA-ICE-3000 Professional Inspector Certification Exam continues to garner industry recognition for providing a validated source for the demonstration of competency in inspection skills, counterfeit detection, knowledge of industry best practices and standards, and research skills.

Available to Employees of:

    • IDEA General Member Companies
    • OEMs
    • CMs/EMS Providers
    • Government entities

Click here to download the appropriate application (OEM/CM/EMS/GOV or IDEA Member).

When an employer has ensured that their personnel who conduct visual inspections of product from the excess market have been tested and certified, the company demonstrates objective evidence and cause for increased confidence in the achievement of customer satisfaction, higher levels of quality assurance and inspection competency, and increased marketability of their products and services.

Prime candidates for this Exam are:

    • Quality Inspectors
    • Quality Engineers
    • Quality Managers
    • Quality Supervisors

Those familiar with the Open Market know that performing visual inspections of electronic components requires specialized knowledge and skills of inspection personnel to visually evaluate a product and its packaging for substandard and suspect counterfeit characteristics.

The IDEA-ICE-3000 Exam is based on<em> IDEA-STD-1010: Acceptability of Electronic Components Distributed in the Open Market</em>, industry standards, and best practices relevant to the Open Market. The Exam is an open book Exam intended to challenge the candidate in practical inspection knowledge as well as access and usage of relevant reference materials in the workplace.

Enrollment Information

Please access the application document to learn more about eligibility requirements, the Exam process, and its terms and conditions. You may download the appropriate application document (IDEA Member or OEM/CM/EMS/GOV) here. Note that you must be registered and logged into the IDEA website to access the download. Registration is free.

Note: Candidates must be an employee of an OEM, CM, EMS Provider, government entity, or IDEA General Member to meet eligibility requirements for the Exam. Successful completion of an IDEA Training Course does not guarantee eligibility for the Exam. All prospective Exam candidates must contact IDEA prior to submitting an application to confirm they have fulfilled all eligibility requirements

The candidate must not purchase the Exam until a completed IDEA-ICE-3000 Exam application has been submitted to and approved by IDEA Staff.

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