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Board of Trustees Webpage

Activities and Notable Contributions Listing Criteria

Activities and notable contributions are considered items conducted above and beyond the regular duties of the Board of Trustees and IDEA Committees. To add an activity or notable contribution item to a Trustee's listing on the Board of Trustees webpage, at least one of the following criteria items must be met:

  • The activity or contribution was made directly by the Trustee.

  • If the activity or contribution was not made directly by the Trustee, the item under consideration must:

  1. be conducted in collaboration with the Trustee or under the direct supervision of the Trustee,

  2. be executed in the best interest of IDEA,

  3. consist of an activity, item, product, or publication that serves to advance the IDEA mission, 

  4. and provide direct benefit to IDEA Members and/or the industry as a whole.

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