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September 24, 2012


Debra N. Eggeman

Executive Director


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IDEA Elects New Board Officers for 2012-2013

New Officers Bring Years of Experience and Dedication to the IDEA Mission to the Positions


BUENA PARK, Calif., September 24, 2012 – The Independent Distributors of Electronics Association (IDEA) announces the election of Board Officers for the 2012-2013 term. The Officers were elected by the IDEA Board of Trustees and began serving their terms earlier this month.

Paul Romano was elected President for a second consecutive term. Romano has served on the Board of Trustees since 2008 and is the Chief Operating Officer of Fusion Trade, Inc., an IDEA Member since 2004. Paul also serves as the Chair of the IDEA Standards Committee and provided excellent leadership in the Committee’s work on the newly released quality management system standard for Independent Distributors, IDEA-QMS-9090, and revision of IDEA’s inspection standard, IDEA-STD-1010-B. His dedication and commitment to numerous IDEA projects has significantly supported the vision and mission of the Association.

“I am both honored and excited to be returning for a second term as President of IDEA,” Romano stated. “With the release of the IDEA QMS-9090 standard, new Membership manual and application documents, and updated IDEA-ICE-3000 Professional Inspector certification, this coming year will be busy. Further, in 2013, IDEA will celebrate ten years of leadership, quality standards, and training as an Association. While we will be celebrating our accomplishments, all of us will be looking ahead to meeting the challenges of the next ten years. I am very excited to be a part of IDEA and leading our efforts over the coming year.”

The Board also elected Michael DiBenedetto to a second term as Vice President. DiBenedetto has served on the Board of Trustees since 2007 and is Chief Executive Officer of SND Electronics, LLC, an IDEA Member since 2004. Michael serves on the IDEA Membership and Ethics Oversight and Business Development Committees and provides key business and industry insight to IDEA from his more than twenty (20) years of leadership experience in the global Open Market.

“I am looking forward to working another year with Debra, Lia, the Officers, and the Board to advance IDEA’s position in the market and to continue to create value for its Members,” said DiBenedetto.

Homayoun (Homey) Shorooghi was elected to the position of Secretary/Treasurer, a position he has previously held on the Board during his past tenure. Shorooghi is a founding Member of IDEA and is the President of Advanced MP Technology. Shorooghi, with his vast industry experience, extensive knowledge of the global semiconductor markets and electronic components as well as his previous experience on the Board and as Secretary/Treasurer, has been a great contributor to the success of IDEA and its mission.

“I am delighted to be back a on the Board of Trustees of IDEA,” Shorooghi noted. “I hope to upkeep the values that IDEA was founded upon.”

Debra Eggeman, Executive Director of IDEA, is enthusiastic about this year’s Officers and their tenure to come. “By voting Romano, DiBenedetto, and Shorooghi into the President, Vice-President, and Secretary/Treasurer positions respectively, the Board of Trustees has taken strong action to ensure IDEA continues to provide meaningful value to OEMs, EMS Providers, the IDEA Member Companies, and the industry community as a whole,” Eggeman noted.  “Each newly elected Officer is a proven successful business leader in his own right, and IDEA is fortunate to have their collective talents applied to IDEA’s business strategies, especially during a time of exciting growth and development. I obviously have a great deal of earned trust in and respect of these individuals, and so it is with these qualities that I very much look forward to our work together.”

Eggeman and the Officers will work together in the coming year as IDEA reopens the Membership Application acceptance process for Independent Distributors that meet the rigorous compliance requirements of IDEA Membership. They will also continue to expand IDEA products and services to the industry by developing policy and best practices for issues that occur within and affect the Open Market as well as the education, training, and certification programs that will effectively address them.

The Officers will meet at regular intervals going forward, further ensuring a proactive leadership body.

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About IDEA:

The Independent Distributors of Electronics Association (IDEA) was established as a non-profit trade association in 2003 by a group of quality and ethically oriented Independent Distributors of electronic components who wanted to provide the industry with a conduit to improve the access and sharing of information and to advance industry ethics, establish standards, and promote education. In an effort to fulfill this mission, IDEA has published IDEA-QMS-9090: Quality Management System Standard for Independent Distributors of Electronics Association, a commercial Standard that establishes specific requirements and practices Independent Distributors of electronic components can use to help address the unique aspects of the Open Market; IDEA-STD-1010: Acceptability of Electronic Components Distributed in the Open Market, the first quality inspection standard for electronic components distributed in the Open Market; IDEA-QMS-9090, developed the IDEA-ICE-3000 Professional Inspector Exam, which continues to garner industry recognition for providing a validated source for the demonstration of competency in inspection skills, knowledge of industry best practices and standards, and research skills; and provides a comprehensive Training Program that offers the knowledge necessary to safely procure from the Open Market and detect substandard or counterfeit characteristics. IDEA strives to increase the confidence of both customers and employers in the quality of electronic components and provides valuable tools in the fight against the proliferation of substandard and counterfeit components.



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