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March 4, 2013



Debra N. Eggeman

Executive Director


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Rigorous Increase in Membership Requirements Responds to Evolving Industry Requirements

BUENA PARK, Calif., March 4, 2013 – The Independent Distributors of Electronics Association (IDEA) announces the launch of new Membership Requirements and an improved Membership Application and Determination Process. IDEA released the new requirements and associated documents on its website and has concurrently resumed the acceptance of General Membership Applications.

As part of IDEA’s continuous effort to maintain the highest level of integrity in its products and services as well as continuing to meet the industry’s requirements, the IDEA Board of Trustees identified the need to review and expand the previous Membership Requirements in order to raise membership standards and to provide further ethical and quality assurances to industry stakeholders who seek to ascertain quality Independent Distributors within the Open Market. With the expansion of Membership Requirements, IDEA Members must demonstrate sustained leadership in the implementation of quality standards, certifications, practices, and counterfeit detection trends and methods.

An integral part of the development of the new Membership Requirements and Application Process was the recent publication of IDEA-QMS-9090: Quality Management System Standard for Independent Distributors of Electronics Association Members, a commercial Standard that establishes specific requirements and practices Independent Distributors of electronic components can use to help address the unique aspects of the Open Market. IDEA Members will exclusively obtain this important quality certification.

In addition, IDEA has introduced a new Membership Manual for each membership category that contains information written and compiled to assist Members in more fully understanding and complying with the IDEA standards and requirements to retain membership status in good standing.

The Membership Application has also been upgraded to a more efficient and user-friendly form interface and contains a thorough checklist that outlines the specific details and supplementary documentation now required in the application packet to provide more comprehensive information in support of the Applicant’s full compliance with all Membership Requirements.

Debra N. Eggeman, IDEA Executive Director noted, “These expanded new Membership Requirements, together with the use of  this new commercial QMS standard, are a major advancement to ensure that the determination of membership status is fair and objective. In conjunction with this highly objective approach, the new process still allows for the value that results from a peer review and assessment component.  Another significant element to these new requirements is compliance monitoring of Member Companies during their entire membership tenure. This monitoring allows for further confidence in IDEA Member Companies to deliver goods and services successfully to the end-user client base,” stated Eggeman.

IDEA Board of Trustees Member, Ray Ford, discussed his company’s IDEA Membership experience in relation to the new, more stringent requirements. “We initially thought joining IDEA would be a good way to improve our processes and associate with like-minded organizations to perpetuate the concept of quality in our market sector,” said Ford. “We have gotten more out of membership than we had planned. At this time, it is unimaginable that we could maintain competitiveness without actually being an IDEA Member. IDEA Membership is a requirement for us at many of our customers.”

Paul Romano, President of the IDEA Board of Trustees, is also enthusiastic about what the new requirements and process mean to IDEA and the industry. “The opening of the Membership Application and Determination Process is truly a significant moment for IDEA,” said Romano. “The Membership Process has been frozen while the Association has been hard at work completing the IDEA-QMS-9090 standard, the Membership Manual, as well as updating and strengthening the Membership Requirements. While our work continues, we need the help of qualified Independent Distributors to continue the great efforts of the Association. I am looking forward to continuing this work and adding others to our committed membership.”

IDEA looks forward to welcoming new companies that successfully meet the rigorous compliance requirements of IDEA Membership and that will subsequently contribute to the success of IDEA’s mission and efforts. With this, IDEA will continue to expand products and services to the industry by developing policy and best practices for issues that occur within and affect the Open Market as well as the education, training, and certification programs that will effectively address them.

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About IDEA:

The Independent Distributors of Electronics Association (IDEA) is a non-profit trade association supported by a group of quality and ethically-oriented Independent Distributors of electronic components dedicated to providing responsible procurement solutions to secure the supply chain against the proliferation of substandard and counterfeit components. IDEA employs a comprehensive approach that focuses on programs and best practices that establish and increase quality standards, provide the industry with a conduit to improve the access to and sharing of relevant knowledge, and advance industry ethics and integrity. In an effort to fulfill this mission, IDEA has published IDEA-QMS-9090: Quality Management System Standard for Independent Distributors of Electronics Association Members, a commercial Standard that establishes specific requirements and practices Independent Distributors of electronic components can use to help address the unique aspects of the Open Market; IDEA-STD-1010: Acceptability of Electronic Components Distributed in the Open Market, the first and leading quality inspection standard for electronic components distributed in the Open Market; developed the IDEA-ICE-3000 Professional Inspector Certification Exam, which continues to garner industry recognition for providing a validated source for the demonstration of competency in inspection techniques, knowledge of industry best practices and standards, and research skills; and provides a comprehensive Training Program that offers the knowledge necessary to safely procure from the Open Market and detect substandard or counterfeit characteristics.


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