Who is IDEA? Great question…

IDEA is global trade association comprised of organizations dedicated to quality initiatives that provide Responsible Procurement Solutions™ to the supply chain.

IDEA employs a comprehensive approach that focuses on programs and best practices that establish and increase quality standards, provide industry with a conduit to improve the access to and sharing of relevant knowledge, and advance industry ethics and integrity.

IDEA plays an important role in representing the interests of independent distributors of electronic components and in promoting high standards of quality and integrity in the industry. The organization serves as a forum for independent distributors to exchange information, share best practices, and collaborate on issues of common interest.

IDEA provides its members with the resources, education, and networking opportunities needed to succeed in the industry. Additionally, IDEA works closely with government agencies, industry associations, and other stakeholders to promote fair competition, combat counterfeiting, and improve the overall quality and reliability of electronic components.

Visit www.idofea.org for more information

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